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Category: Lottery Games


Game Details Get higher odds at WINNING when you play our EverLOT games Similar to traditional lotto, EverLOT differs by gathering the winning number results of official international lotto games instead of being randomly generated in-house. Pick out as many numbers as you want, from 1 to 49 off our EverLOT cards. WIN with every […]

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Game Details The object of our Scratch and Win card game is to obtain a winning combination of symbols by removing the card’s scratchable surface. You can stake a bet from 5 cents to $5 for each game round (US$ version). Wins are indicated at the paytable and at the ’PAID’ window on the completion […]

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Game Details Keno is one of the oldest games still played in modern casinos. It is also a game that has undergone the least change over the years. The basic idea of Keno is to select 1 – 10 numbers from a pool of 80. Once you start the game, 20 numbers will be randomly […]

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