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Man of Mystery

Man of Mystery

Game Details

Man of Mystery is a 5-Reel, 25-Line Progressive Super Slot


Before starting, you must first select a Coin Value. This will determine the range of your wagering by setting the amount each individual coin is worth. To change the coin value, exit the game and re-enter.

Next, choose the number of coins that you wish to wager on your spin:

Click on the BET ONE button until you have reached the desired amount.

Click on the BET 25 to bet on all 25 pay lines

Click BET MAX to wager the maximum number of coins and the reels will begin to spin automatically. With BET MAX, your wager is five times your selected coin value on all 25 pay lines (wager = coin value X 125).

Once the symbols have emerged from the water, you will see any paying lines highlighted. Select PAYTABLE to see the winning combinations of symbols. All winnings will be credited immediately.



For each Evil Villain, one bullet hole will appear at the top of the screen. You will also see the symbol light up with a number. Once you have lined up five bullet holes, you will automatically enter the bonus game. In the Villainous Rendezvous Bonus Game, use your mouse to shoot the spinning targets. Stop the Villains and WIN, but be careful not to pick the booby trap bomb!

Once the bonus game is finished, you will return to the regular screen.


Progressive Slot games have jackpots that keep growing until they are won. Watch the top of your screen to see the progressive jackpot GROW! See the PAYTABLE in the game for details.


PAY TABLE: Displays all winning spins and additional information.
Be sure to click "NEXT" to view all details.
BET ONE: Bet on one payline.
Click again to increase the number of lines, up to 25 lines.
BET 25: Bet once on all 25 paylines.
Click again to increase the number of coins bet per line (up to 5 per line).
BET MAX: Bets 5 coins on all 25 paylines and spins reels.
SPIN: Spins the reels
Man of Mystery number coins

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